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Box List

Series X: Box 62


January 1. New Year's statement

January 7. Year-end statement on the accomplishments of the U.S. Department of Commerce during 1945. Technical and physical conversions of plants in large part completed.

January 10. Address before the Triple-A Regional Meeting on the 1946 Agricultural Conservation Program, St. Paul, Minnesota

Jan. 16.  Address to Business Advisory Council, Washington, D.C.

January 22. Statement before the House Select Committee to Investigate and Study Small Business

January 31. "Atomic Energy." Statement before the Senate Special Committee on Atomic Energy

February 4. Excerpts from an address at a dinner in honor of Mrs. J. Borden Harriman, given by the American Society for Russian Relief

February 7. Statement on American aid to Europe

February 8. Address before the National Citizens Political Action Committee, New Haven, Connecticut

February 15. Address at the annual dinner of the District of Columbia Chapter of the National Lawyers' Guild, in honor of Chester Bowles, Washington, D.C.

February 16. "Utilizing All Due Productive Capacity." Address before the 8th Annual National Farm Institute, sponsored by the Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, Des Moines, Iowa

February 18. Address before the Chicago World Trade Conference of the Chicago Association of Commerce, Chicago, Illinois

February 19. "A Progressive America." Address before the Annual Convention of the United Office and Professional Workers of America, Cleveland, Ohio

February 21. Statement before a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, concerning the St. Lawrence River project

February 26. Statement on the death of George B. Dealey, publisher of the Dallas Morning News

February 27. "The New Federal Employment Program." Address before a meeting of Federal Bureau Chiefs and Personnel Officers, Washington, D.C.

Series X: Box 63

March 4.  Remarks at Science Talent Institute's 5th Annual Science Talent Search, Washington, D.C.

March 7. "What Must We Do To Help Feed Europe?" Radio discussion by HAW, H.J. Heinz, Claude Pepper and A.L. Miller, on the radio program, "Town Meeting of the Air"

March 11. Statement regarding three party system

March 12. Statement before the Senate Committee on the financial agreement with the United Kingdom

March 14. Address at a dinner in honor of Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, given by the Women's Joint Congressional Committee of Washington, Washington, D.C.

March 15. "Atomic Energy." Radio interview in the "Headline Edition" program

March 18. Excerpts from an address before the Women's Democratic Club, Washington, D.C.

March 19. Address at the opening of the Atomic Exhibit in the Library of the Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.

March 19. Address at a dinner in honor of W. Averill Harriman, given by the American Society for Russian Relief, New York City

March 23. Address at the Jackson Day Dinner, Washington, D.C.

March 28. Address before the National Garden Conference, Beltsville, Maryland

April 1. Address before the annual meeting of the American Retail Federation, Washington, D.C.

April 4. Statement before the House Ways and Means Committee concerning the extension of the Social Security Act

April 5. Address before the Annual Dinner of the Miami Chamber of Commerce, Miami, Florida

April 7. Address at the Founders' Day Ceremonies, Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, Alabama

April 10. "The Importance of Food Conservation." Radio address to the School Children of America as part of the Conservation Program sponsored by the U.S. Treasury Department

April 10. Statement before the Senate Committee on Interstate Commerce, concerning the Bulwinkle Bill, H.R. 2536

April 12. Address before a Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial meeting under the auspices of the National Citizens Political Action Committee, New York City

April 16. Address before a group attending the Corps of Engineers Exhibit for Science and Industry at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

April 16. Address welcoming in-service trainees in aeronautics from the other American republics, Washington, D.C.

April 18. Address at a Jackson Day Meeting under the auspices of the Democratic  National Committee, Los Angeles, California

April 18. Statement on the industrialization of the Western States

April 22. Address before the national Citizens Political Action Committee, San Francisco, California

Series X: Box 64

April 27. Address at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner under the auspices of the York County Democratic Committee, York, Pennsylvania

April 28. Address before the Massachusetts Retail Grocers' and Provision Dealers' Association, Boston, Massachusetts

April 28. Address before the Massachusetts Independent Voters' Association, Boston, Massachusetts

April 30. Address at the National Farm School Golden Jubilee Banquet, New York City

May 3. Statement before the Subcommittee on Domestic Commerce of the Senate Commerce Committee concerning S. 1385, the industrialization of under-developed areas

May 6. Statement for Mr. Fred Hamlin, editor of Flying Magazine

May 7. Address before the Michigan Citizens Committee, Detroit, Michigan

May 10. Statement before the Interstate Commerce Commission on a proposed increase in railroad freight rates

May 13. Excerpt from an address before the American Agriculture Editors Association, Washington, D.C.

May 13. Remarks at the Victory Garden Meeting, Washington, D.C.

May 16. Statement before the Senate Appropriations Committee concerning the restoration of reductions in the budget

May 20. Statement endorsing the short film Don't Be A Sucker

May 21. Opening statements by HAW and Arthur Paul on the radio program "Open Hearing Forum"

May 22. Remarks at the Harry L. Hopkins Memorial Services, Washington, D.C.

May 23. Address before the 7th Annual Convention of the Brooklyn Jewish Community Council, Brooklyn, New York

May 24. Address before the 10th Anniversary Dinner of the American Labor Party, New York City

May 27. Statement before the House Committee on Banking and Currency concerning the financial agreement with the United Kingdom

May 28. Radio discussion of atomic energy on the program "Operation Crossroads", in which HAW, some of the country's most distinguished statesmen, scientists and educators, and a group of representative Americans participated

May. Statement on foreign trade for use during National Foreign Trade Week

June 5. "Government in Business: Its Usefulness and Limits. "Address before the Sunday Breakfast Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June 7. Address before the National Bureau of Economic Research, New York City

June 12. Address before the 5th Anniversary Dinner of the International Training Administration, Washington, D.C.

Series X: Box 65

June 14. Address before the St. Louis Federal Business Men's Association, St. Louis, Missouri

June 14. Address before a meeting under the auspices of the Liberal Voters League of St. Louis and the National Citizens Political Action Committee, St. Louis, Missouri

June 14. Address before a meeting under the joint auspices of the Liberal Voters League of St. Louis and the National Citizens Political Action Committee, St. Louis, Missouri

June 15. Address before the 1st Constitutional Convention of the American Veterans Committee, Des Moines, Iowa

June 19. Statement on inflation

June 21. Statement announcing HAW's trip to Mexico in September to attend the reading of the Presidential Annual Report on the State of the Mexican Union

June 25. Statement on the increase in corporate mergers and the acquisition of small firms by larger ones

June 26. "What Kind of Leadership in Marketing Is Needed for Prosperity?" Address before the Annual Awards Luncheon of the American Marketing Association, New York City

June 27. Excerpts from an address before students of the 3-day School of Political Action Techniques, Washington, D.C.

June 27. Address of welcome in the Inter-Departmental Lecture Program in Electronics, Washington, D.C.

June 28. "Latin Americans, Anglo-Saxons and Slavs in the New Age." Address at the Summer Session Lecture of the State University of Iowa, Iowa City

June 30. Address at the Iowa Centennial Celebration, Des Moines, Iowa

June. Statement commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Food and Drugs Act

July 4. Statement on Philippine Independence Day

July 13. "The Road to an Expanding World Trade." Radio discussion by HAW, William L. Clayton and Sterling Fisher on the radio series "Our Foreign Policy"

July 15. "Famine Crisis in World Affairs." Address before the National Youth Conference on Food, Washington, D.C.

July 15. Address before the Institute on World Control of Atomic Energy, Washington, D.C.

July 18. Statement upon the presentation to E.A. Jewell, General Manager of the Port of New Orleans, of a grant to operate a foreign trade zone at New Orleans

July 22. Statement before the Civil Aeronautics Board concerning the investigation of non-scheduled air services

July 23. Text of a letter from HAW to President Harry S. Truman concerning relations between the United States and Russia

July 24. Suggestions for an address before a meeting with the representatives of the Development Agencies of the Northeastern States, Washington, D.C.

July 30. Statement for use by Senator Joseph Guffey in the Pennsylvania campaign

July 31. "Why is the Control and Development of Atomic Energy a World Problem?" Radio address on the program "You and the Atom"

Series X: Box 66

August 14. Statement on the Ever Normal Granary

August 26. Excerpts from an address before the confederated Union of America, Washington, D.C.

September 1. Address before the opening of the Mexican Congress, Mexico City, Mexico

September 2. Labor Day statements

September 4. Address at a luncheon given by Dr. Francisco Castillo Najera, Mexico City, Mexico

September 5. Address at a luncheon in HAW's honor, Mexico City, Mexico

September 12. "The Way to Peace." Address before a meeting under the auspices of the National Citizens Political Action Committee and the Independent Citizens Committee of the Arts, Sciences and Professions, Madison Square garden, New York City

September 16. Statement on the speech delivered at Madison Square Garden, New York City, September 12, 1946

September 17. Release of a letter from HAW to President Harry S. Truman dated July 23, 1946, concerning relations between the United States and Russia

September 17. "The Importance of International Trade to the American Businessman and Farmer." Address before the Board of Directors of the Advertising Council, Washington, D.C.

September 18. Statement on the source from which a reporter received a copy of HAW's letter to President Harry S. Truman, dated July 23, 1946

September 20.  Radio address following HAW's resignation from the Cabinet

October 2.  Statement in reply to Bernard M. Baruch on atomic energy

October 24. Campaign address at Los Angeles, California

October 30. Campaign address at Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 31. Campaign address before the Wisconsin Association of Cooperatives, Madison, Wisconsin

November 1. Campaign address at Chicago, Illinois

November 2. Campaign address at Detroit, Michigan

November 6. Statement on the election

November 8. Statement on HAW's support of certain candidates during the recent election campaign

November 8. Statement on the appointment of Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg as Secretary of State

November 12.   Statement on HAW's plans as editor of the New Republic, delivered before a group of New York City publishers and editors, New York City

November 25. Address at Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pennsylvania

December 29. "Unity for Progress." Address before the Progressive Citizens of America, New York City

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