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Box List

Series X: Box 46


February 2.  Radio Address delivered at International Rotary Station, Washington  D.C.

February 19.  Message to those in attendance at Better Understanding Week Program, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

February 22. "Democracy's Road Ahead in the World Crisis." Address before National Farm Institute, Des Moines, Iowa

Price of democracy is based on being more willing than Nazis to sacrifice; refers to debate on Lend-Lease in Senate; still thinks we should try for peace through preparedness; aid to Britain in our own self-interest; we appreciate freedoms afresh, know they must be purchased afresh by hard thinking and self discipline of each new generation; no master race; we can't live peacefully in world dominated by Nazism; only hope of peace is to keep England from being destroyed by Nazis; Pan American solidarity important; wisdom of our action during first three years of peace will determine the course of world history for half a century; out of suffering and turmoil will survive all that is noble and spiritual in man.

February 27.  Address before Women's National Democratic Club

March 2.  Radio address at "The Americas Speak" program

March 4.  Address before a group of South American students, Washington D.C.

March 8.  Excerpts from an address at the "Little Congress" banquet, Washington D.C.

March 8.  Address on the occasion of Anniversary Farm Dinners, Washington D.C.

Series X: Box 47

March 30.  "Democracy and the Dignity of Man." Address before Triennial Convention of B'nai B'rith at the Civic Opera House, Chicago, Illinois

Equally dangerous to democracy are unbridled passion of mob and pressure groups and minorities; demagogues and plutogogues; tolerance of racial and religious minorities, even rejoice in them; New World is a Chosen Land

March.  Interview given to J.H. Myers, Princeton, New Jersey

April 8.  "America's Second Chance." Address before Foreign Policy Association, New York City

Word "isolation" means short pants for a grownup United States; America's second chance, first time we were too intent on getting back to "normalcy"; we refused world responsibility; high-tariff policy brought disaster; must not repeat mistakes; German psychology will crumble in any long drawn out conflict; our young people must have belief in democracy; must have Bill of Duties to go with Bill of Rights; in next peace, can't chance; we must help bring order in the world; prevent rise of aggressor nations, prevent economic warfare; need jobs and security; possibilities of development in Latin America; real peace will unleash expansion such as world has never seen; first, must complete job of defeating forces of evil in this war; New Testament of Democracy to fulfill, not deny, the old.

April 11.  Statement on the Spanish campaign conducted by St. Albans News, St. Albans School, Washington D.C.

April 12.  Address before the stockholders' meeting of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Winston-Salem, North Carolina

April 14.  "Pan American Day."  Address at Pan American Union on Pan American Day

Pan American solidarity for hemispheric defense is one of the most vital forces in the world today; Pan American Highway; increased commerce with Latin America; New World drawn closer by emergency; fortunate we have good neighbor understanding; must measure up to responsibilities; hope world will be one world.

April 18.  Text of a letter to the Greenfield Progress Club, Greenfield, Iowa, concerning its Pan American Festival

May 1.  "A Democracy of Responsibility."  Address before New York Young Democratic Club, Astor Hotel, New York City

Those under 40 have harder time than those over 40 realizing why world such a hellish place; last time young people approached war with air of eagerness and excitement; now young people know war is a pure horror; we may be forced with choice of slavery or war; hence must produce to limit; have right to expect cooperation from both labor and management

May 2.  Message of hope to the Jews of America

May 10. "What is Pan-Americanism Today?" CBS Broadcast 7:00p.m.

May 13.  "The Responsibility of the Radio." Address to the National Association of Broadcasters Convention, Washington, D.C.

Along with the Bill of Rights and political democracy we must have economic democracy and a democracy of responsibility for the general welfare; total defense has no front line and no rear; where is the front in England? etc; can't do all the planning and organizing in Washington and don't want to; radio can help get local communities organized; example of Ohio; German people are not same as Nazis; cure of Germany will be an essential part of a true peace

May 17.  "Dr. Henry G. Knight - Chemist and Farm Friend."  Address on presenting the Medal of the American Institute of Chemists to Dr. Henry G. Knight, Washington D.C.

May 18.  "We Belong to America."  Radio talk on Citizenship Recognition Day under auspices of the National Educational Association

Responsibilities of citizenship greater than in old days; also means larger citizenship in Pan America; our melting pot; foreigners have made America, and America has made them; "Mountain of the Lord to which all races may flow to live together in peace, abundance, and security"

May 26.  "Nutrition and National Defense."  Address before National Nutrition Conference for Defense, Washington, D.C.

"Way to a man's heart is through his stomach"; "Feed the beast!"; progress in nutrition in last 20 years and last 5 years; Goal no. 1-wipe out deaths due to dietary deficiency; goal no. 2-reduction in diseases to which insufficient food predisposes; goal no. 3-enough vitamins, etc. for "health plus"; area lacking in calcium and phosphorus produced crackpots?; 40 million people suffering from bad diets; 3 approaches to problem: 1. shift agriculture; 2. purchasing power in consumers; 3. education; make every community "nutrition conscious."

Series X: Box 48

June 6.  Statement to the American Labor Party on the publication of their newspaper, The American Laborite

June 12.  "Housing and the Nation's Defense, Present and Future."  Address before National Committee on the Housing Emergency, Washington, D.C.

Planning for housing, etc. to break economic shock of peace

June 13.  Address before National AAA Conference, Washington, D.C.

Terrible threat of speculation such as that which followed World War I; Important not to overplay hands; value of AAA organization in war emergency; trouble ahead if farm program is destroyed; argued with high-price folks

June 17.  Excerpts from an address at a dinner for Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King, New York City

June 28.  Radio broadcast of the Treasury Round Table Discussion concerning national defense bonds, led by H.A.W. and carried on by Speaker Sam Rayburn, Senator Scott Lucas, Senator Arthur Capper, Representative John W. McCormack and Representative Fred L. Crawford

June 28.  Greeting to the Argentine nation

July 1.  Radio Address for the dedicatory broadcast of "The Treasury House"

July 26.  Text of the radio program "Listen America", with H.A.W. as master of ceremonies

July 31.  "America - The Mighty."  Address at the dedication of the new ordnance plant, Burlington, Iowa

Plant is part of country's fire fighting equipment; we know how to sacrifice for liberty; we are reversing dream of prophet now; later we shall build peace; America, by her might, will determine world destiny; plant is symbol of will by which we fight back the forces of darkness; richer life ahead; third freedom, combined with Bill of Rights, is America's gift to the world.

August 16.  Message to the Columbia Typographical Union No. 101

August 19.  Message on the occasion of the birthday of Manuel Quezon, President of the Philippine Commonwealth

August 22.  Greetings to the National Convention of Young Democrats, Louisville, Kentucky

September 3.  Excerpts from an address before the Conference of the National Citizenship Education Program, Washington, D.C.

September 16. "Building the House of Peace."  Address on occasion of Fordham University Centenary Celebration, New York City

Hitler House build on sands, will fall; Pope Pius XI and freedom from want; Americans want peace, but are not pacifists; want to see international bill of rights and duties; to build House of the Lord; a house of peace

September 16.  Statement on the 131 st anniversary of the Mexican Declaration of Independence 

September 17.  "The Long-Range Aspects of the Cultural Relations."  Address before the General Advisory Committee to the Division of Cultural Relations of the United States Department of State

October 9.  Statement on the discovery of foreign owned strategic war materials in warehouses throughout the country

October 12.  Radio talk on Columbus Day

Spirit of Columbus characterizes Americas; new inter-American unity should survive peace

October 16.  Radio address on the final program of an NBC Inter-American Series

October 29.  Statement on the completion of negotiations between the Venezuelan Economic Mission and the U.S. Economic Defense Board

Series X: Box 49

November 12.  "Production for Victory."  Address before the annual meeting of the Academy of Political Science, New York City

In time of danger, Americans willing to give up comforts and pleasures; must outdo dictators in will to win; planning for peace; average American family, picture of farmer and his wife at dinner table, details of their problems and difficulties; grandfathers knew life of hardship; in time of stress, people turn to God; "by our might and our enthusiasm we shall enthrone the human being above the despot"

November 19.  Statement on the death of Clifford Gregory 

November 22. Statement on the appointment of Nelson A. Rockefeller to the U.S. Economic Defense Board

November 26.  Statement to the Inter-American Jewish Congress

December 1.  Statement on the death of Senator Alva. B. Adams

December 6. Address before the Latin American Liberals, New York City

December 9.  Statement on the transfer of functions of the U.S. Department of Commerce devoted to international economic affairs to the U.S. Economic Defense Board

December 13.  "Science and the Future of Man."  Address on the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Science Service, Washington, D.C.

Flowering of science in United States due to freedoms guaranteed by Bill of Rights; totalitarian science and democratic science; former can't survive, has no roots; use Bill of Rights to make education rather than propaganda freely available to our people; must defeat those who would use science for propaganda and destruction

December 23.  Statement announcing the change in name of the U.S. Economic Defense Board to the U.S. Board of Economic Warfare

December.  Statement regarding Credit Unions

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