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Prepared by: M. Bailey, M. Domenget, J. Roethler

Box List

Series X: Box 55


January 1. New Year's message to the Russian people

January 1. New Year's Eve message broadcast to Australia and New Zealand

January 3. Statement on the occasion of Brazil sending the first contingent of troops out of Latin America

January 5. Statement to a group of British and American war workers

January 15. "Full Employment." Address before the Political Action Committee of the Congress of Industrial Organizations, New York City

January 17. Address before the Southern Governors' Conference, Washington, D.C.  

January 22. Address at the Jackson Day Dinner, Washington, D.C.

January 24. Statement concerning the views of HAW and John L. Collyer on rubber

Series X: Box 56

February 4. Interview given to John Burton

February 4. "What Future America Wants." Address before a meeting sponsored by Democratic, civic and labor groups, Los Angeles, California

February 5. Remarks before the Southern California Cooperators, Los Angeles, California

February 6. "What America Can Have." Address before a mass meeting of civic and Democratic groups, San Francisco, California

February 7. Address before the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, California

February 7. Address at a breakfast with Latin American Consuls, San Francisco, California

February 9. "America Can Get It." Address before a meeting sponsored by Democratic, civic and labor groups, Seattle, Washington

February 11. Address on full production and full employment in the postwar world, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

February 12. "Men and Dollars." Address before the Mid-Day Luncheon Club, Springfield, Illinois

February 12. Excerpts from the Lincoln Day Speech, Springfield, Illinois, February 12, 1944, used as the basis for a recording made for the Office of War Information to be broadcast overseas

February 14. "Regional Economies and the National Economy." Address before Democratic, civic and labor groups, Minneapolis, Minnesota

February 17. Statement on the trip to the West Coast and the Midwest

February 21. Statement in reply to the Times Herald report that HAW described the Midwest as a "stronghold of fascism"

February 24. Statement to Antemio Pachecho, author from Peru, for book of statements. "Men can live together in this hemisphere."

February 26. Statement on the death of Senator Charles L. McNary

Series X: Box 57

March 9. Address at dinner of the American Palestine Committee, Washington, D.C.

March 15. Address at a luncheon of African-American newspaper correspondents, Washington, D.C.

March 17. Address before the American Business Congress, New York City

March 20. Statement on the 50th anniversary of the death of Louis Kossuth to be broadcast overseas by the Office of War Information

March 24. Statement commending President Roosevelt's remarks of March 24,1944, denouncing Nazi and Japanese war crimes

March 26. Address on Greek Independence Day at a meeting sponsored by the American Friends of Greece and the Federation of Greek Communities and Societies of greater Boston, Boston, Massachusetts

March 27. "Free Enterprise Must Be Saved." Introduction to the discussion of Free Enterprise, National Exchange Club 

April 1. Radio Address on the Opera Victory Rally of the Metropolitan Opera Series

April 6. Interview given to Richard Eaton on the radio program, "Better Health Is Our Birthright"

April 8. Introduction of The Most Reverend and Right Honorable Cyril Forster Garbett, Archbishop of York, over the NBC system

April 11. Statement announcing HAW's trip to China in the late spring

April 11. Excerpt from an address before a conference of Methodist clergymen and religious editors, Washington, D.C.

April 11. Statement on the attempted assassination of President Auila Camacho of Mexico

April 14. Message to the political convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota at which the Democratic and Farmer Labor Parties merged

April 28. Statement on the death of Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy

May 2. Remarks made at presentation of portrait of George Washington Carver, Smithsonian

May 6. Statement on the anniversary of Germany's invasion of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg

May 20. Statement concerning HAW's trip to China and Siberia

May 23. Statement on HAW's long-time interest in China

June 1. Address at Irkutsk, Siberia

June 17. Address at Tashkent, Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic

June 20. Address at Chungking, China. Press release

June 22. Message to the Russian War Relief, Inc., on the 3rd anniversary of the invasion of the Soviet Union

June 27. Address at Chengtu, China

July 4. Farewell remarks at Chita, Siberia

July 9. Radio address sponsored by the Institute of Pacific Relations, Seattle, Washington

July 10. Statement on returning from China and Siberia

July 20. Address as chairman of the Iowa delegation, seconding the nomination of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democratic Convention, Chicago, Illinois

July 29. Address at the Iowa Democratic State Convention, Des Moines, Iowa

July 30. Interview given to C.C. Clifton, Des Moines Register, on why HAW left the Republican Party

July.  Message praising Thorstein Veblen, sent to the Veblen Arrangement Committee meeting, San Francisco, California

August 9. Message to President Chiang Kai-shek concerning the fall of Hengyang, China

August 15. Statement on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah

August 23. Statement on the occasion of the liberation of Paris, France

Series X: Box 58

September 4. Labor Day statement

September 8-9. Excerpts from campaign addresses in Virginia

September 13-14. Excerpts from campaign addresses in Virginia

September 17. Excerpts from a campaign address at Meriden, New Hampshire

September 21. "The New Liberalism." Campaign address under the auspices of the Independent Voter's Committee of the Arts and Sciences for Roosevelt, New York City

September 22-24. Excerpts from campaign addresses in New York state

September 27-30. Excerpts from campaign addresses in Pennsylvania

September 30. Campaign addresses under the auspices of the Independent Citizens Committee, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

October 1. Campaign radio address under the auspices of the Democratic National Committee

October 2. Statement on behalf of Senator Elbert Thomas

October 8. Statement on the death of Wendall Willkie

October 11. Campaign address at Cincinnati, Ohio

October 12. Address at the inauguration of the School of Pan American Agriculture, Zamorano, Honduras

October 13. "The Future of Liberalism." Campaign address at Cleveland, Ohio

October 16. Statement on the Gallup poll released October 16, 1944

October 17. Campaign address at Mason City, Iowa

October 21. Campaign address at Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 22. Addresses at the banquet of the St. Paul Post No. 162, Jewish War Veterans of the U.S., St. Paul, Minnesota

October 26. "Roosevelt and Labor." Campaign address sponsored by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union

October 27. Campaign address at Detroit, Michigan

October 28. Campaign address prepared for delivery in Chicago, Illinois, but not given.

October 29. Campaign address at Chicago, Illinois

October 31. Campaign address at the Liberal Party Rally, New York City

Series X: Box 59

November 2. Campaign address at Bridgeport, Connecticut

November 2. "The New World of Business." Campaign address before the Business Men for Roosevelt, New York City

November 2. Campaign address at Brooklyn, New York

November 6. Radio discussion between HAW and Claude Wickard, sponsored by the Democratic National Committee

November 7. Election Day statement

November 12. Interview given to James Wechsler, of PM, concerning the Progressive element in the Democratic Party

November 12. Statement paying tribute to Sun Yat-sen on his 78th birthday

November 21. Address before the Annual Convention of the CIO, Chicago, Illinois

November 27. Statement on the appointment of Edward R. Stettinius as Secretary of State

November 27. Suggested text of a Christmas message to be broadcast to Australia and New Zealand

November 30. Statement on the 70th birthday of Winston Churchill

December 4. "The Trend of the Times." Address at an anniversary dinner in honor of Marshall Field and the Chicago Sun, Chicago, Illinois

December 14. Statement on Paul Appleby joining the staff of radio station KIRO, Seattle, Washington

December 17. Address at the presentation of the Robert J. Collier trophy for 1943 to Captain Luis de Florez, Washington, D.C.

December 19. Address at the presentation of the Frank G. Brewer Trophy to Dr. Edgar Fuller, Washington, D.C.

December 27. "The Use of Statistics in the Formulation of a National Full Employment Policy." Address before the American Statistical Association, Washington, D.C.

1944. "Preface The United Fruit Company"

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