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Data Sources in the A-Z List

Data sources are listed by subject in the Databases A-Z list.

Here is a list by subject, but you can also go to the Data Sources in the A-Z list and select your subject area.

General Data Repositories

Iowa Research Online
Iowa Research Online is the University of Iowa’s institutional data repository. Use IRO to search for data related to your field. You can also publish your research data here so it can be shared with fellow students, faculty, and staff.

Federated Research Data Repository

Search FRDR to find research datasets originating from researchers affiliated with Canadian institutions. Data deposited to other repositories across Canada can also be found by searching in FRDR.

Global Open Data Index
The Global Open Data Index provides the most comprehensive snapshot available of the state of open government data publication across the world.

Hathi Trust Digital Library

The Hathi Trust Digital Library offers millions of digitized items which are available for scholarly research. This items are available in their fullest extent under U.S. copyright laws.

Data Indexes

These resources provide an index of datasets, usually a compilation from records across a variety of repositories and data centers. The search results will usually be in the form of links to the point of description within a repository or center.

Data Citation Index
Discover research data, including data studies, data sets from a wide range of international data repositories and connect them with the scientific literature to track data citation


DataCite is a leading global non-profit organization that provides persistent identifiers (DOIs) for research data and other research outputs. DataCite also develops additional services to improve the DOI management experience, making it easier for members to connect and share their DOIs with the broader research ecosystem and to assess the use of their DOIs within that ecosystem.

Google Data Search

Dataset Search is a search engine for datasets. Using a simple keyword search, users can discover datasets hosted in thousands of repositories across the Web. In addition to making datasets universally accessible and useful.