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Consider These Criteria When Selecting a Repository

FAIR Principles

FAIR means that data publishing platforms should enable data to be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable. Many organizations, including the NIH, place considerable emphasis on data sharing that meets these principles. They can also be considered in terms of how they facilitate human interactions with these systems and the data.

When publishing data, consider the following to ensure that the platform you are using meets the criteria of FAIR Principles.

  1. To be Findable any Data Object should be uniquely and persistently identifiable (have an identifer, such as a DOI)
  2. Data is Accessible in that it can be always obtained by machines and humans, upon authorization, through a well-defined protocol
  3. Data Objects are Interoperable if metadata and data is machine-accessible and actionable, and utilizes shared terminology
  4. Data Objects are Re-Usable if the above are met, and the data can be automatically linked or integrated with other data sources, with proper citation of the source

To learn more about FAIR Principles, visit FORCE11 FAIR Principles or contact us for assistance.

Other Criteria

When selecting a repository to deposit your data, consider the following criteria: cost, discoverability, persistent identifiers for deposited files, policies and licenses, scholarly impact, and repository certification. For more information about any of these criteria, please contact us 

Selected Repositories

Find a repository that is right for you by visiting OpenDOAR or Re3Data. We can also assist you in finding a repository that is right for you.

Iowa Research Online (IRO)

We recommend using Iowa Research Online over other general purpose data repositories. IRO is the University of Iowa’s institutional data repository.

Contact us to deposit data in IRO.