If you’ve never created a data management and sharing plan, a template can provide a framework that guides you through many of the details that are typically in a plan.

Carefully review the template language
Double check that any template language or text from other plans that you use is something you are prepared to comply with. If in doubt, don’t include it! If approved, this plan is a term and condition of your award. We are also happy to meet with you to review a plan or discuss any language you included that you have questions about.


DMPTool provides templates for creating NIH data management and sharing plans, based on the NIH guidance. Example text is also provided for those who have never created a plan before. Get started with DMPTool.

The College of Medicine’s Scientific Editing and Research Communication Core (SERCC) has created a set of templates, along with examples from NIH (same as below).

Also included in that document are examples from NIH (also listed below), and some external examples.

Example Plans

Several NIH Institutes and Centers have provided example plans.

  • These plans may reflect additional expectations established by NIH or specific NIH Institutes, Centers, or Offices that go beyond the general DMS Policy.
  • If you find examples from other sources, review them carefully. Not every plan that is shared by someone is a good plan.

Sample plans from NIMH, NHGRI, and NICHD.