Collections in Record Group 30: Audiovisual Materials

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RG 30.0001 : Photograph Collections

RG 30.0001.001  Frederick W. Kent Collection
RG 30.0001.002  E.P. Kuhl Collection
RG 30.0001.003  Myrtle Sellman Collection
RG 30.0001.004  Virgil Hancher Collection
RG 30.0001.005  Thomas H. Macbride Collection
RG 30.0001.006  University News Service Collection
RG 30.0001.007  Geology Department Collection
RG 30.0001.008  Elmer S. Gardner Collection
RG 30.0001.009  College of Pharmacy Collection
RG 30.0001.010  Old Capitol Restoration Collection
RG 30.0001.011  Alice B. Chase Collection
RG 30.0001.012  Erin Irish Collection
RG 30.0001.013  Frank Hatch Collection
RG 30.0001.014  Iowa Memorial Union Collection
RG 30.0001.015  University Schools (North Hall) Construction Collection
RG 30.0001.016  Arthur A. Smith Collection
RG 30.0001.017  Byron James Lambert Collection
RG 30.0001.018  Horace Korns Family Collection
RG 30.0001.019  Nellie A. Moore Collection
RG 30.0001.020  Class and Faculty Collection of Photograph Albums
RG 30.0001.021  Charles F. Haden Collection
RG 30.0001.022  William Larrabee, Jr., Collection of 1893 Expedition Photographs
RG 30.0001.023  Richard and Marjorie Brundage Collection
RG 30.0001.024  Leon Anthony Sanders Collection
RG 30.0001.025 College of Dentistry Collection [Iowa Digital Library online collection]
RG 30.0001.026  College of Law Collection
RG 30.0001.027  Iowa City Town and Campus Scenes Collection [Iowa Digital Library online collection]
RG 30.0001.028  Hospitals and Clinics Pavilion Collection
RG 30.0001.029  William J. Haddock Collection
RG 30.0001.030  John M. Lindsey Collection
RG 30.0001.031  John R. Black Collection
RG 30.0001.032  Quick Reference Photographs Collection: University Presidents and Campus Buildings
RG 30.0001.033  John Philip Mills Collection
RG 30.0001.034  Hecker Collection of Postcards and Photographs
RG 30.0001.035  Elizabeth Bennett Ink Collection
RG 30.0001.036  Samuel Calvin Collection
RG 30.0001.038  Thomas E. Brown Collection
RG 30.0001.039  Elsie Zook Collection
RG 30.0001.040  Printing Department Collection of Photographs and Graphic Arts Files, 1970-1995
RG 30.0001.041  Student Legal Services Collection, 1992-2006

RG 30.0002 : Slide and Transparency Collections

RG 30.0002.001  Institute of Agricultural Medicine and Environmental Health
RG 30.0002.002  Medical and Hospital Lantern Slides Collection
RG 30.0002.003  Waldo Glock Fiji-New Zealand Expedition Lantern Slides Collection
RG 30.0002.004  Pacemaker Publication Slide and Image Collection
RG 30.0002.005  Office of University Relations Collection of Slides of Campus Events, Scenes and People, 1983-2005
RG 30.0002.006  Ira H. Pierce Collection of History of Medicine Glass Slides

RG 30.0003 : Video Collections

RG 30.0003.001  Athletics
RG 30.0003.002  College of Medicine Lecture Series
RG 30.0003.003  Department of Dance

RG 30.0004 : Audio Collections

RG 30.0004.001  Iowa Radio Project Collection
RG 30.0004.002  Recorded Sound Disc Collection
RG 30.0004.003  James Crook Collection of Old Gold Singers Recordings
RG 30.0004.004  Erich Funke Recorded Sound Collection
RG 30.0004.005  Peter Nazareth Collection of Author Readings and Interviews

RG 30.0005 : Film Collections

RG 30.0005.001  General Film Collection
RG 30.0005.002  Athletics Film Collection
RG 30.0005.003  Frederick W. Kent Collection


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